We earn money 3 different ways with this website.

Affiliate Referrals – Click one of the ads – We are Alpha Beta Media Studio.

Subscriptions – Sign up for Premium with monthly choices.

Digital file download – Send us a contact email for a movie of your choice

Our pricing for a HD Mobile MP4 file is $4.55 downloaded to your email. File size will be approximately 500mg and is sized for a cell phone or iPad. At this time, we only accept Coinbase or personal checks/money orders.


While we setup and establish this Vintage 8mm website and database, we could use extra cash to get moving and pay monthly bills. Any amount will be helpful. As soon as we find a credit card processor that will handle adult material, we will setup CC cards, PayPal and Bitcoin donations.

In the meantime, Personal Checks or Money Orders on a US bank in US Dollars, will work really fine. Travelers Checks in US Dollars also are usable. We are a legit US LLC company and report all income, of which Donations are required reporting.


Send us the form below requesting Bitcoin payment. You need to send a request to start the process moving because Bitcoin invoices have a timing element to them. Remember, our store hours are from 10:00am to 10:00pm, New York EST.

If you are looking for a specific vintage 8mm film that we have not listed yet, fill out the attached form and we will send an invoice after we find and load the movie.

Note: Because of our product offerings, PayPal, Visa and MC are not acceptable means for payments. We like checks or Bitcoin. Please note which payment you prefer in comments section below (checks or Bitcoin). Your invoice will reflect your choice. Also, if you want to avoid shipping costs by requesting digital download, your street address is not necessary, only email.